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"Our Family"

We started breeding in the Summer of 2014 with the addition of our first stud, Gunner.  We have been growing ever since.  Before starting I researched for years about genetic diseases, hip dysplasia and all the costs involved in starting up a successful breeding business.  We invested in the perfect home, quality puppies and nutrition.  We have learned so much these past few years.  To do this successful you need to research, plan and have money to invest.  This is all about improving the breed for our family.  Most importantly our love for animals has made this our passion.  We value our customers and are always there to answer questions and provide support.  "Lifetime Breeder Support" is what we aim for.

My oldest daughter is a stage 4 cancer survivor and she is my inspiration in following my dreams and never giving up.  Someday I hope to train all of our dogs to become therapy dogs for local hospitals.  Therapy dogs always brought a smile to my daughters face when she was admitted and spent months in the hospital.  

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