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Our Boys - The dads of our labrador puppies for sale



Copper is a big lover and is always willing to please and make others happy.  His home is his favorite place with lots of cuddles on the couch.  Copper is eeBbDD.  His OFA's are excellent on hips and normal elbows.  He carries PRA; however since we know this we can prevent the disease by never breeding to another carrier.  This make a responsible breeder.




Son to our very own "Sky."  Renegade loves hugs and prefers the couch life.  He is always there when you call him and knows how to please his owners.  Coat color EeBbDd.  He does carry eic but since we know this we will never breed him to another carrier.  This prevents the disease and makes breeding responsible.  His ofa's are excellent on hips and normal elbows.



Elmo is a fox red we brought in at 6 months old.  He is eeBbDd.  He is a playful boy with a loving and sweet personality.  Likes car rides.  His ofa is good on hips and normal elbows.  Genetic panel is all clear!




Blaine is a big goofball loves belly rubs and flopping around on the ground. He prefers playing fetch and being with people.  He is the first one to let you know what everyone needs.  Coat color EEbBdd.  Charcoal in color.  Clear genetics through pawprint.  OFA good on hips and normal elbows.



Morgan doesn't like the camera working on a better picture.  He is very laid back doesn't care to fetch but will gladly climb in your lap and snuggle.  His OFA on hips is excellent and hips are normal, genetic clearances are also completely clear.  His daddy is an import and he is full english.  Hoping to breed him this summer.

Color code EebbDd. 



Our happy go lucky boy.  He loves just carrying a toy around and smiling.  Always happy and ready for the next adventure.  Color code eebbDd.  Ofa excellent on hips.  Clear genetic panel but carries hnpk.  Knowing this helps us prevent the disease by only breeding to non carriers.



Beast is from belle x barrett.  Born 11/14/21.  Beast is true to his name he is cuddly and likes his food.  Coat color eeBbDD.  OFA's and genetic panel pending.

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