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  • NO-PULL (HOW IT WORKS): The no-pull harness has a front and back D-ring. Attach your leash to the front D ring and when your dog starts to pull, your leash will gently guide them back to your side for controlled dog walks and improved dog harness safety. The back D-ring leash attachment makes for comfortable walks without pulling on your dog’s neck!
  • COMFORT & CONTROL: The step-in padded dog harness is fully adjustable around the neck and belly for a comfortable and secure fit. There is padding so it is extra comfortable on the dog. An assistance handle on the back of the harness allows you to grab your pup quickly and easily for safety if needed!
  • SEATBELT HARNESS: The harness has an assistance handle you can thread a car seat belt through to keep your dog from roaming in the car for safer driving.

Splatter Harness

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